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We are a constantly developing, strong team that makes innovative initiatives by combining engineering and technology power with strategic skills for an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable world, prioritizing the goal of creating value in society.

With our projects that we have realized and continue to realize in order to contribute to a beautiful future, we erect on the world as heritage solid, livable structures.

As MGM Group, we professionally realize Architectural, Static, Fire and MEP application projects with a strong team.

As MGM Group, which has good experience in large-scale national and international projects, we prioritize cooperation with world-class engineering and consultancy firms. We offer solution criteria to our customers by detailing our projects comprehensively down to the finest detail and maintain overall efficiency from beginning to the completion with highest quality. As a result of these we ensure timely delivery. This consistent work allows us to create the perfect balance between time and quality.

When your projects are transformed to a reality by us, as MGM Group, we coordinate our activities based on the highest international standard s. Thanks to our innovative perspective and global standards of service quality, as well as our ability to combine different disciplines in the same project, we produce solutions for a wide range of sectors.

We realize our projects in 2D or 3D as innovative and optimum system solutions. Engineering and design projects require the integrated and dedicated work of multiple fields. We control the engineering calculations of our projects by using up-to-date and state-of-the-art software for design and calculation:

- Consept

- Application project

- Technical design

- Infrastructure

- HV Distribution System

- MV Distribution System

- LV Distribution System

- Grounding and Lightning Protection system

- Compensation System

- Indoor and Outdoor Electrical Infrastructure Systems

- Building Interior-Exterior Facade and Perimeter Lighting and Automation System

- Building Management System

- CCTV and Access Control System

- Image, Sound and Announcement System

- Fire Detection and Alarm System

- IT and Automations system

- Digital LP Telephone Switchboards, LP TV Smart system

- Data and Fiber Optic System

- Heating, Cooling and Ventilation systems

- Fire Extinguishing Systems

- Sanitary installation

- Rainwater installation

- Solar Energy Installation

- Natural Gas system

- Pool Installation

- Treatment Systems

- Garden Irrigation System

- Infrastructure Installation

- Seismic systems

- Automation of Mechanical and Electrical Installation Systems

Thanks to our innovative perspective and service quality at global standards, as well as our ability to bring together different disciplines in the same project, we produce solutions for a wide range of sectors. The right decisions made during project design will prevent the investor from making unnecessary and extra expenditures in the later stages of the investment. Therefore, accurate and effective design with an expert team is very important for the investor and project financing. As MGM GROUP, we are constantly questioning and re-examining every detail of architecture and engineering in our completed and ongoing projects, and we are constantly researching and developing innovative solutions for better and more efficient results.

As MGM Group, we do not compromise on quality in construction and contracting services, from project design to construction, material selection and application. The major projects which we are building and the ones we have completed are the clearest examples of this. Today, users need comfortable, variable, productive, ecological, energy-efficient, ecological buildings that meet their needs to the maximum extent and are designed in line with the latest technological developments. We, as MGM group, aiming to continuously develop and grow, together with smart buildings, we expand our production network over time and offer steel construction structures, prefabricated houses and urban infrastructure, agriculture and irrigation facilities, defense and military facilities, transportation (road and runway) projects and reinforcement projects. MGM Group carries out project management activities consisting of design, procurement and construction in prestigious and large-scale superstructure projects, especially the projects in which MGM Group is the investor. MGM GROUP, which specializes in the design and construction of complex health campuses; It is the leading service provider of integrated health campuses established with the Public-Private Partnership model.
As MGM Group, we offer solution partnership with ISO quality in the field of steel construction design, project drawing, manufacturing and installation. Steel construction, the most important material of which is steel, is generally used in the construction industry. Steel construction equipment used in load-bearing systems in buildings contributes to product structures which are resistant to natural disasters such as earthquakes. As MGM Group, we offer strong, durable and long-lasting structures through special projects which require to use high quality steel materials. We provide static-dynamic analysis of steel structures according to current regulations and specifications, by which we can do the preparation of static calculation reports, static analysis of nodal points such as joints and support connections. These steel construction structures, which are long-lasting and very robust, can be easily assembled. Steel systems, which can be specially designed for projects, have superior mechanical and static capabilities. They are safe and relatively economical structures compared to other systems. Steel construction systems, which have been widely preferred in recent years, are realized by us with high-tech equipments and a team of highly qualified engineers. As MGM Group, we also provide steel project design support to manufacturing companies, steel construction companies, static project offices, architectural offices.

Engineering and designing projects require multiple areas to operate in an integrated and selfless way. We provide a successful integration process between all project disciplines with our experienced engineers, specialists and consultants in our projects that require expertise in different fields like static, architectural, electrical and mechanical design that are implemented in various sectors.

Electrical Installation in general, starting from the transformer to the end consumer, panels, tables, cables, pans, motors, compensation, electrical machines, lighting, sockets and so on. is the system that completely covers the systems.
As MGM Group, we realize the electrical installation systems of buildings and facilities, preparation of projects, drawings, calculations and tender files and their implementation and service in accordance with laws and regulations.
We can generally list our electrical installation services as follows:

• Electrical Installation Systems
• HV Distribution and Applications
• MV Distribution and Applications
• LV Distribution and Applications
• Graunding and Lightning Protection system
• Compensation Systems
• Indoor and Outdoor Electrical Infrastructure Applications
• Building Interior-Exterior Facade and Perimeter Lighting Applications
• Automation of Electrical Installation Systems

Electronic systems are the whole of the components that make up the elements or systems that process, carry, store and distribute information using electricity.

The features that distinguish the buildings called "Smart Buildings" from other buildings are the electronic and mechanical systems integrated into them. By integrating many systems, these buildings are defined as buildings that autonomously manage the building environment and use computer technology to optimize user comfort, energy consumption, security and work efficiency, and provide coordinated management of resources to increase user performance, investment and operating cost savings and flexibility. As MGM Group, we realize electronic services with professional technical staff. As MGM Group, we can generally list our electronic services as follows:

- Building Management System

- Smart Home Applications

- CCTV and Access Control Systems

- Vision, Sound and Announcement Systems

- Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

- IT Systems and Automation Applications

- Digital LP Telephone Switchboards, LP TV Smart Systems and Applications

- Data and Fiber Optic Applications

- Lighting Automation Systems

MGM Group continues to grow day by day in every field which is added to its structure through its qualified professional colleagues. It incorporates and continues to add new ones to the values it represents. With our survey and civil engineers and other expert staff, we also serve with roads, railway stations, airports and runways, urban infrastructure (road, water, electricity, gas, sewage, drainage, retaining wall, telecommunication, drinking, utility and irrigation water, rainwater, etc.) projects and applications.

Projects related to the establishment and commissioning of treatment facilities, drinking water, sewage and rainwater networks, steel and natural gas lines and energy transportation lines are implemented by MGM GROUP’s experienced expert staff.

Transport and Infrastructure Services:

• Highways and Motorways
• Railway Stations
• Airport, Runway and Hangar
• Infrastructure Services

As MGM Group, we ensure that agricultural areas are irrigated with modern irrigation systems. This prevents serious water losses and wastes. We get information by making a detailed interview with companies or individuals who want to receive service. We present the projecting and planning process to our customers at the point where we will provide the service. If we receive their approval, then we start working with our team at the point where we will provide irrigation or landscaping services.

As MGM Group, we provide technical service with our trained and equipped service personnel. Maintenance and repair operations of the systems are carried out with original spare parts by our expert technical personnel under the control of our engineers.

You can be sure that we will provide you with the best service as soon as possible. If you need technical services, it is enough to contact us and provide information.

Technical service

With huge experience in large-scale national and international projects, MGM GROUP gives priority to cooperation with engineering and consulting firms worldwide. We offer solution criteria by following the project up to the final detail with comprehensive examination.

We provide professional solutions for Architectural Project, Static, Mechanical, Electrical, Infrastructure and Fire application projects.

We ensure your project to be delivered on time, regardless of its size or complexity. Together we are planning, implementing and integrate all your goals.

We aim to bring projects to the highest quality and maintain overall efficiency up to completion. This steady work causes us to create the perfect balance between time and quality. 

As MGM GROUP, we coordinate our activities in order to bring your project to reality, reliability and to reach the highest international standards.

The technological developments that started with the industrial revolution enabled people to control their environment more easily and brought about the formation of new lifestyles.

The purpose for all these technological advancement efforts is to maximize the human lifestyle. From other side the rapid population growth, exhaustion of existing natural resources and increased energy costs have brought new dimensions to the building projection approach.

Today there is a demand to the buildings that meets people's needs to the maximum extent to be comfortable, variable, productive, ecological, energy efficient and designed according to the latest technological developments. The features that distinguishes the so called "Smart Building"s from others is the integration of electronic and mechanical systems.

MGM GROUP provides an advanced services in research, innovation and technology that inspires global development.






Using the latest engineering and management experience and always ensuring the highest quality MGM GROUP standards are based on internationally accepted procedures. Operational processes expertise, meeting the requirements of implemented projects in compliance with operational plan, following completely the procedures and specification of the projects ipmlemented is our priority.
We provide solutions for a wide range of sectors based on our innovative perspective and service quality within global standards, as well as our ability to bring different disciplines together in the same project.

To achieve the better and more efficient results MGM GROUP always controlling every engineering detail by re-researching and developing the innovative engineering solutions in both completed and ongoing projetcs.

"Zero Accident" policy is both a goal and success for MGM GROUP.
MGM GROUP always implements its comprehensive Health Safety and Environment (HSE) policy to protect all employees and partners working in its offices, construction sites and related facilities.

The right decisions made during the projection will prevent the investor from unnecessary and extra expenditures in the latets stage of financing. Therefore, accurate and effective planning with expert engineers is important for investors and project financer.

As MGM GROUP, we use not only our knowledge and experience, but also modern technologies within electrical project and planning services. For designing and calculation of projects we control the engineering calculation by using the modern and innovative software.

With the vision to be recognized as service provider in Turkey and Azerbaijan the MGM GROUP continues to work focusing on high-quality solutions, technical konwledge and details, solution-oriented understanding.

These projects are tailored to strengthen and renew the damaged parts of the building.
Since its not possible to rebuild every building completely, only damaged areas can be repaired within restoration and reinforcement projects. 
Our architectural team achieving results with successful analysis methods to reflect the original appearance of the construction period.

As MGM GROUP we provide the services on static-dynamic analysis of steel structures according to the current regulations and specifications, preparation of static calculation reports, junction, static investigation of node points as support connection. 
We prepare the manufacturing drawings, assembly drawings, part cutting pictures, quantity lists and cost analysis of steel structures. We provide steel project designing support to manufacturing companies, steel fabrication companies, static projection offices and architectural offices.
We design safe and economically optimal structure in static project solutions.