Health and Engineering

Using the latest engineering and management experience and always ensuring the highest quality MGM GROUP standards are based on internationally accepted procedures. Operational processes expertise, meeting the requirements of implemented projects in compliance with the operational plan, following completely the procedures and specifications of the projects implemented is our priority.

We provide solutions for a wide range of sectors based on our innovative perspective and service quality within global standards, as well as our ability to bring different disciplines together in the same project.

To achieve better and more efficient results MGM GROUP always controls every engineering detail by re- researching and developing innovative engineering solutions in both completed and ongoing projects.

„Zero Accident” policy is both a goal and success for MGM GROUP. MGM GROUP always implements its comprehensive Health Safety and Environment (HSE) policy to protect all employees and partners working in its offices, construction sites, and related facilities.

The right decisions made during the projection will prevent the investor from unnecessary and extra expenditures in the latest stages of financing. Therefore, accurate and effective planning with expert engineers is important for investors and project financers. As MGM GROUP, we use not only our knowledge and experience but also modern technologies within electrical project and planning services. For designing and calculation of projects, we control the engineering calculation by using modern and innovative software.

With the vision to be recognized as a service provider in Turkey and Azerbaijan, the MGM GROUP continues to work focusing on high-quality solutions, technical knowledge, and details, solution-oriented understanding.

Static Design and Engineering Services

Growing with the goal to produce relevant engineering solutions, MGM GROUP produces etude and project design services for reinforced concrete / steel / prefabricated / masonry structures based on domestic and foreign regulations and standards.

Mechanical Design and Engineering Services

Investment, maintenance-repair, operating values are prepared as suggestions for different systems in our projects. The quantities of equipment, pipes, channels, etc. are calculated for all installations and the file is prepared. All the indoor mechanical installations are designed and calculated in accordance with the relevant standards. Energy identity certificate accounts, preliminary projects, license projects, application projects, detailed projects are prepared.

Electrical Installation Project Services

MGM GROUP provides all necessary engineering services in electrical, fire, safety, communication system installations, infrastructure planning, and evaluation that includes alternative or economic solutions in the content that meets the needs of the employer.